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FosWiki Cloud Hosting

Quick, Simple, and Scalable FosWiki Cloud Hosting

What is FosWiki Cloud Hosting?

FosWiki Cloud hosting is a service offered by Steadfast Networks to its Cloud Platform customers that grants them access to a wiki system lauded for ease-of-use (non-technical users find it extremely approachable) and the way in which it stores content in a structured fashion. Called the next generation of enterprise collaboration suites, FosWiki lets you store, collect, and re-use enterprise information, and anyone can create Web 2.0 applications such as mashups and social interaction tools with ease. Some of the best features of FosWiki include:

The ultimate goal of FosWiki is to help users develop a culture intent on sharing and updating information to reduce bottlenecking and overhead costs.How Can You Get FosWiki Cloud Hosting from Steadfast Networks?

Through our ongoing relationship with Jumpbox, we offer FosWiki Cloud hosting to our Cloud Platform users, as well as a wide array of other useful open source software.

All Cloud users need to do to use FosWiki is select the FosWiki JumpBox template. To do this, go to Operating System and select Ubuntu, then choose JumpBox FosWiki. You’ll be able to start using this great open source software without any complex setup and installation processes.

System Requirements for FosWiki Cloud Hosting has a comprehensive list of system requirements for servers, Perl modules, and other kinds of specific distributions here, but below are the most basic necessities:

Perl 5.8.8 or higher
RCS 5.7 or higher (including GNU diff) – optional
GNU diff 2.7+ – required when not using the all-Perl RcsLite
Cron/scheduler – Unix: cron,Windows: cron equivalents
Other external programs – fgrep, egrep
Web server – Apache is preferred, but information on other servers can be found at \o "'Support.InstallingOnSpecificPlatforms' on" Foswiki:Support.InstallingOnSpecificPlatforms.

Tips, Tricks, and Documentation

Documentation for FosWiki – including presentations, tutorials, and guides – can be found on the product homepage. The site even offers Best Practice Tips.

FosWiki Tutorial: